Call Mr Fires a scourge on London's working class

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From: Light Fingers: Mr Fires' Ultimatum 2

You can't stand here and listen to it rhapsodise the city it makes worse every day.

Unlocked with Ambition: Light Fingers! exactly 302



[…]London would be better off without it[…]"I will not defend myself to the likes of you[…]I was hoping to use the milk […]Hybrid is a more promising prospect[…]indistinguishable […] from true love[…]only thing that can save the city[…]"

Description summary:
You condemn Mr. Fires. It is dismissive. Then it mentions its plan to use the Hybrid's moon-milk to create artificial but very subtle love, in an attempt to frustrate its employer's collection of love stories (though how exactly this would prevent London from being replaced with another city is unclear).

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