Call on the services of a Surface academic

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From: The Correspondence Savages Your Dreams

Do you know someone of sound mind and fierce intellect back on the Surface? Perhaps they could help you understand.

Unlocked with A Scholar of the Correspondence 4 - 8

When Sent

For God's sake, be swift!

The courier departs with your letter. Let's hope that you can endure these dreams until they can find you. Now, what's this that a student of yours has left for you? Not even vaguely Correspondent. The buffoon! [If your friend joins you in London, you'll earn a good handful of secrets.]

Your friend will receive:

Envelopesmall.png [Friend] has sent you a rambling, half-mad letter about an alien script that causes ecstatic dancing and burnt eyebrows. Can you help make sense of it down in Fallen London?

Once Accepted

You will receive:

[Friend] has joined you in Fallen London! They will no doubt help you with mysteries.

Your friend will receive:

Envelopesmall.png You've joined [Friend] in Fallen London! Say hello when you escape from New Newgate.

Twitter/facebook message is: [Friend]'s dreams are haunted by an exotic, alien script. Only you can help.

In messages, the invitation is refered to as "A Gathering of Scholars"