Call upon a higher power

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"Ironclad" Wickes is an honest man, and the Masters of the Bazaar are not the Masters of London: but their power runs deep, and they've won certain prerogatives. If you call in your favours with them, you'll be released without further additions...

Unlocked with Connected: The Masters of the Bazaar 5, A Criminal Record: Innocent In The Eyes Of The Law, A Familiar Face, A Determined Delinquent


A Master's Voice

A cloaked figure sits behind Justice Wickes. It leans forward to whisper in his ear. He tilts his head to listen, his face dark with irritation. "Yes, but - " he says. […] Wickes growls. "Case dismissed," […]

Description summary:
A singular Master arrives, delivers a few whispers to Justice Wickes, and you are released posthaste.

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