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Storylets and actions which lower Suspicion. This page shows actions that cure Suspicion while not imprisoned.

For actions that cure suspicion while imprisoned, see Suspicion Loss (Imprisoned).

Common actions[edit]

Reliable ways to hide from the law in London.

Social actions:


Semi-reliable opportunity cards in London:


Equipped items (reduce Suspicion by whole levels while equipped):

  • -1 level: Set of Workman's Clothes (E 0.20 from Gottery the Outfitter)
  • -1 level: Sober Dress (E 0.20 from Gottery the Outfitter)
  • -1 level: A Preserver of London (retired affiliation)
  • -1 level: The Undying Respect of the Order of the Blackened Hoof (affiliation) FATE CHRISTMAS


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