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Cards with red coloured borders - pay attention!

These cards:

  • will sometimes autofire: come into effect immediately when opened.
  • can not always be discarded.
  • can be triggered with zero action points, but still use an action if one is available

For Dreams, red cards come in two varieties:

  • discardable, beneficial cards which increase both the Having a recurring Dream quality as well as Nightmares
  • undiscardable, harmful cards depending on high Nightmares (and some Dream qualities) which will only further increase Nightmares

In the case of dream-related cards, the very presence of the discard button is a good indicator that the card is good, or at least neutral. If the discard button is missing, it is generally advisable to get rid of the card by rendering it invalid, through lowering Nightmares, instead of clicking through and opening it.

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