Choose Campaigner as your Profession 2

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From: Gunpowder and Zeal: the Revolutionaries

"Will you speak in support of the Cause? We can provide assistance. I call it 'assistance'. Honestly, if you can keep them out from underfoot, you'll be doing us all a favour."

Game Instructions: A Profession gives you a single unique item; in this case, Feckless Supporters. You may only have one Profession at a time.

Unlocked with 5 x Favours: Revolutionaries, Plotting against the Masters 1, Profession: None


"Hear, hear!"

This gaggle of staring-eyed enthusiasts lurks at your heels like a pack of yapping dogs. They crop up at the most absurd moments. But they have their uses.

Success Instructions: You can renounce your current Profession at any time by writing a letter from your Lodgings.