Time, the Healer

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Activated in: Escape to Watchmaker's Hill, Escape to Spite, Escape to Veilgarden or Escape to Ladybones Road

This living story arrives in your Messages Tab approximately 1 week after activation and then reoccurs at the same frequency after that.

The Neath-snow on roofs and pavements is melting. Hurrying crowds have churned it into slush. The false-stars glow like chilly embers. Mist curls in gutters. Memory fades; pain departs; rewards arrive!

Game Instructions: You have a Professional Payment waiting at your Lodgings; wounds and other hazards have faded, as has your reputation in the public eye. You may also have received Fleeting Recollections, which will allow you to to remove Irrigo, if you have any.

Festival-related changes[edit]

Noman's Friend Loss[edit]

(data analysis by idyl)
Date Holdinghands.png Noman's Friend Loss 2021
until 2021-01-15 20 – 50
until 2021-01-22 35 – 65
until 2021-01-31 50 – 80
until 2021-02-21 90 – 120
until 2021-03-27 105 – 150