Choose a Target: the Tentacled Entrepreneur's Campaign

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From: Make your Move: a Confessional Evening

Art is rarely a commercial success. Until now, the Entrepreneur has always been focused on the bottom line. Is there something behind his turn towards patronage?

Unlocked with Flash Lay's Progress 75, A Flash Lay: your Mark: A Political Campaign


A conflict of interests

[…] a rift between the […] Landscape Artist and the […] Entrepreneur, […] Special Constables who escort him to the personal dirigible of Mr Fires […] "Would you consider using your factories in a more—" […] "I see. I can't claim to understand. But, the agreement stands[…]

Description summary:
After an argument with his campaign manager, the Tentacled Entrepreneur went to sort out an arrangement with Mr Fires to further his goal of gaining protection for the Rubberies. The Entrepreneur refused Mr Fires' suggestion regarding his factories, but Mr Fires will keep its end of the deal to encourage the special constables to be more amenable to donations.

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