Vital Intelligence

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Category: Great Game
Icon-echo.png0.50 Oxygen.png Final Breath
Icon-echo.png0.50 Chesspiece.png Moves in the Great Game
Icon-echo.png12.50 Surmise.png Vital Intelligence
Icon-echo.png37.50 Ring.png Copper Cipher Ring
Icon-echo.png- Chesspiecebuttered.png Buttered Chess-Piece
Icon-echo.png- Chesspiecebuttered.png Epaulette Mate
Icon-echo.png- Chesspiece.png Queen Mate
Icon-echo.png- Pawnred.png Stalemate
Icon-echo.png- Pawn TC.png Well-Placed Pawn
Icon-echo.png- Pawn.png Vienna Opening

Vitality and intelligence. What would we do without them? Especially if we're spies, diplomats or pirates.

These can be obtained from heists at the Flit, or in the Bone Market through a certain furtive exchange.

See Category:Vital Intelligence Gain for how to obtain this item, or click here to show them.

It can be sold to the Bazaar, but cannot be bought.
Selling Icon-echo.png 12.50

It can also be sold at The Upper River Exchange:

Selling Currency3 copper.png 25 ...goodness. This is disturbing news. I'll see it reaches the people who will pay best for being disturbed.

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