Choose the Tentacled Entrepreneur as your candidate

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From: Choose your Candidate, or The Tentacled Entrepreneur (Card)

Othatarooth! – a surprising rallying cry, but apparently it embodies creative camaraderie, aspiration and fundamental change. The Entrepreneur means to make London a canvas for the art of the Rubbery Men.

Locked with (on the card) You have pledged your support to - [any of this year's candidates]


More a celebration than a political party

[…] supporters […] two disparate groups […] businessmen […] bohemian […]

The Nocturnal Landscape Artist […] pierced his thumb on the pin he's used to attach an amber rosette to your collar. "[…] has left something for you in Mr Mirror's Marquee."

Description summary:
The Tentacled Entrepreneur has two groups of supporters: opportunistic businesspersons, and the bohemians. The Nocturnal Landscape Artist – the candidate's interpreter – thanks you for your support.

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