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From: Another Round?

Action Cost: 0

This time, Mr Hearts awaits in the parlour.

Game Instructions: You have won seven rounds! This will end your run; you will receive a medal at season's end.

Unlocked with Hearts' Game: Wins this Run 7



It congratulates you effusively on your exploits and the effortless grace of your play – shakes your hand, dwarfing it in its gloved talon. The trophy itself is small, a miniature stamped with a heart; the sort meant to be collected in quantity.

With The Embalmer's Mark:

With a team consisting of at least one King, and no Knights or Pages:

  • Crowngreensmall.png The Distinction of Kings. The mandate of the gods, persisting till the end of creation. (Increases Distinction of Kings by 1)

With a team consisting of at least one Knight, and no Pages or Kings:

  • Crossedswordssmall.png The Distinction of Knights. The hero whose name survives the centuries. (Increases Distinction of Knights by 1)

With a team consisting of at least one Page, and no Knights or Kings:

  • Hoofprintsmall.png The Distinction of Pages. The command that outlives the master. (Increases Distinction of Pages by 1)

With a team consisting of 9 or more Accomplices:

  • Wallpapersmall.png The Distinction of Motley. The family that persists through endless generations. (Increases Distinction of Motley by 1)

During The Season of Nascency:

  • Stormlogosmall.png The Distinction of Nascency. The lineage that stretches from dawn till dusk. (Increases Distinction of Nascency by 1)

During The Season of Excess:

During The Season of Duplicities:

Non-conditional effects:

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