Complete a Jaguar Blade Wailing with Hunger 2

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From: Assess your Progress regarding the Jaguar Blade

It wants to consume. To avenge.

You cannot forge it while anyone else is present. It requires privacy.

Game Instructions: There is no advantage to taking this route. You are advised not to.

Unlocked with The Seven-Fold Knock, Experimental Object exactly 110 (Any of the three options to Prepare a weapon of vengeance), 150 x Laboratory Research, 1 x What Might Be A Thunderbolt, 100 x Parabolan Research, 30 x Expertise of the Third City

Locked with Number of Workers in your Laboratory



This is necessary, but it is not sufficient. That which rages will still rage; that which hungers will still hunger. This is not the whole of the reckoning.

Nonetheless. There is flesh that calls to the blade, and you have made this to answer it.

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