Consult the Enfranchised Anchoress (Parish Council)

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From: Consulting the Parish Council

Action Cost: 0

She always approaches problems with vigour and with rigour. Her interventions in church business are few, but they are always decisive.

Unlocked with Church: Parish Clerk exactly 2


A solitary opinion

(See table below)

Description summary:
The advice given varies based on the Decision before the Parish Council.

Decision before the Parish CouncilDescription
4: Old ChurchyardThe Anchoress […] considers the relics in the church and then gazes back at the bones. Could they be added to the collection? She glances at the ground, where the crypts lie beneath the stone. You've got room, her expression says.
5: Collection PlateThe Anchoress glances at the coffers, and then at the church decor. She makes a face. Is this criticism of your decor? She affects innocence.
6: Drummer's PilgrimsThe Anchoress glowers at the pilgrims and folds her arms. The devils retreat slightly. She hefts her rosary beads in her hands. This is her space, she seems to indicate, and she's willing to profane it if the pilgrims give her another funny look.
7: The Drummer's DueThe Anchoress cracks her knuckles […] There is […] thunder in her heart. Evidently, given the chance, she'd take on the Drummer herself with only her rosary for a sword. In lieu of that, she indicates you ought to thwart the old demon however you can.
8: Daughter ChurchThe Anchoress provides instructions in the form of a drawing […] It displays a boat, the Anchoress in the stern – ordering about a team of gondoliers who paddle frantically upriver. […] She gives you a hopeful look as she hands over the page.

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