Consult the Masters of the Bazaar

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From: Preparatory Research

They, more than most, should know a thing or two about previous cities.

Game Instructions: This will lower your connection to the Masters. You can do this until you have 300 pages. To get more, you'll need to do field work.

Unlocked with Connected: The Masters of the Bazaar 3

Locked with 300 x Page of Prelapsarian Archaeological Notes

Challenge information

A matter of luck: Pretty good odds (success chance: 80%)


A difficulty in translation

[…] Mr Pages hums and whispers and taps and mumbles. The phrases you hear have a rollicking cadence to them: the unpleasantly catchy kind of things that honey-mazed lunatics shout. Is this some kind of magisterial joke?

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Rare Success

A particular favour

At the end of the interview, Mr Pages pats your knee with a thickly gloved – and fiercely nailed? – hand. "I've always found you a most appetorial companion. Let me soothe your way with this donament."


Of course, you may need a translator

"Oh, you want to audumbrate to my old storinations? […]" You listen. If only it wasn't Mr Pages talking! It knows so much, but it also very obviously boasts, lies, invents and obfuscates. The things it says […]: fascinating! And utterly unreliable.

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