Crawcase Cryptics

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Secrets, Papers, Truths, Mistruths, Rumours, Lies, Prayers. Books.

This shop at the Bazaar sells various Goods.

Item Buy price Sell price Item Type
Whispered secretsmall.png Whispered Hint E 0.02 E 0.01 Mysteries
Crypticsecretsmall.png Cryptic Clue E 0.04 E 0.02 Mysteries
Booksmall.png Proscribed Material E 0.08 E 0.04 Rumour
Paperssmall.png Stolen Correspondence E 0.10 E 0.05 Influence
Documentsmall.png Infernal Contract E 0.40 E 0.20 Goods
Papers3small.png F.F. Gebrandt's Flame-Resilient Paper E 0.60 E 0.50 Epistolary
Bookpurplesmall.png O'Boyle's Practical Primer
in the Various Languages of
Nippon, Tartary, Cathay and
the Princedoms of the Raj
E 30.00 E 27.50 Curiosity
Bookdeadsmall.png Diary of the Dead E 62.50 E 60.00 Rumour
Scarydoorsmall.png Rookery Password E 62.50 E 60.00 Contraband