Infernal Contract

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Category: Legal (Notable Sources)
E- Special Dispensation
E- Seed of the Cedar
E0.20 Infernal Contract
E0.50 Dubious Testimony
E2.50 Sworn Statement
1 Cave-Aged Code of Honour
▾▾▾ (Sell for 1x Legal Document)
E12.50 Legal Document
E62.50 Fragment of the
Tragedy Procedures
125 Sap of the Cedar at the Crossroads
E312.50 Edicts of the First City

Long since expired, but lawyers love these things.

Buy these from the Bazaar or steal them in the Flit.

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It can be purchased from Crawcase Cryptics in the Bazaar and sold to the Bazaar:

Buying E 0.40 "I knew this one. He was more fun without his soul, honestly."
Selling E 0.20 "Black pepper and fire-white! A guilty pleasure."

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