Current Time in the Khanate:

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What time is it in the Khanate?

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1: False-Dawn
2: Early Morning
3: Morning
4: Midday
5: Early Afternoon
6: Afternoon
7: False-Dusk
8: Early Evening
9: Evening
10: Late Night
11: Nearly Midnight
12: Midnight

Level Change Descriptions[edit]

1: A phonograph recording of a rooster; lightbulbs coming to life everywhere. A new false-day dawns in the Khanate.
2: Hawkers wheel carts full of skewered fish and mushroomy confections onto the streets.
3: A crush of crowds, heading for the factories in the Graphite Quarter.
4: Raucous packs of uniformed schoolchildren riding electric barges.
5: Factory whistles signal a brief break; workers loiter outside, smoking and talking.
6: The ubiquitous lights overhead begin to dim, yellowing into an imitation of a sunset.
7: A false-dusk fills the streets and canals with orange light, still brighter than London.
8: Only a few streetlights remain lit; comfortable darkness descends over the city.
9: The light of the false-stars is at last visible over head, casting a cold glow over the city.
10: Most of Khan's Heart sleeps; a solitary water taxi glides over the water, ferrying two half-awake lovers.
11: At this late hour, even the music-halls and public houses have shut their doors and darkened their lights.
12: The city tenses; a few windows open, revealing light inside. Khan's Heart readies itself for dawn.