Declare your (Skeleton Type) a completed Bird

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It has the wings.

Unlocked with Skeleton in Progress 10 to 90, Skeleton: Legs exactly 2, Skeleton: Wings exactly 2, Skeleton: Torso Style 20 (non-Human), 1 x Comprehensive Study of Avian Anatomies, Oneiric and Otherwise

Locked with Skeleton: Skulls Needed, Skeleton: Limbs Needed, Skeleton: Tails Needed, Skeleton: Arms, Skeleton: Fins, Skeleton: Tails 2

Wiki note: The option's title varies with the type of skeleton and its qualities.


It looks aerial

You label it [Description] in neat writing.

Description summary:
The exact skeleton type depends on how much Skeleton: Antiquity was used.

Antiquity Skeleton in ProgressDescription
0 - 1180Owl
2 - 4181Archaeopteryx

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If Zoological Mania: is Birds: