Decline the Gondolier's proposal

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From: A Conversation with the Wandering Gondolier

Perhaps you'd rather keep the Guild on side. Perhaps you just don't trust him. Or maybe paddling through venomous waters simply doesn't appeal.

Game Instructions: This will end your association with the Wandering Gondolier.

Unlocked with Call of the Wanderer exactly 6


Long down the line

[…] "I see. Silly of me. To burden a complete stranger […]"

He suddenly […] has to dash off. You do not see him again […] Much later a railway stoker mentions word of a stow-away, further down the line – but by then, the Wandering Gondolier is long gone.

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  • Boatmanlampsmall.png The Wandering Gondolier has departed. (Sets Call of the Wanderer to 15 - The Wandering Gondolier struck out alone)

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