Jericho Locks: The Lockside

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Jericho Locks is home to its Guild of Gondoliers: the canal-men and women who live and work the necessary but distasteful trade routes between the two great cities of the west.

The canals are full of barges, black-painted and sombre. […]

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Unlocked with a redirect from Enter Jericho Locks, Return to the Locks or Remain in Jericho

Wiki note: An additional paragraph appears with certain values of Call of the Wanderer.

Call of the WandererFinal Passage
1A young man with a coil of chestnut curls on his head is trying to get your attention.
2"I'll show you Jericho, such as it is. Then the Locks. Then the Canals. Then, of course the pub. I've been thinking about the lunch we'll have very seriously and I think at last I've selected the ideal repast for us." He beams and hurries on.

Storylet appears in Jericho Locks


Enter the Arborist's Hands
Head to the canals
Provide news from London
Watch a parade

The Wandering Gondolier

Meet the Welcoming Committee
Cumaeancanal port.png
Take a tour of Jericho
Traverse the canals with the Wandering Gondolier
Take lunch with the Wandering Gondolier
Reconsider the Wandering Gondolier's offer
  •  Spoiler 
    Unlocked with Call of the Wanderer exactly 15



    A change of heart

    • Boatmanlampsmall.png Gain sufficient Esteem of the Guild in order to travel to the Sere Palace with the Gondolier. (Sets Call of the Wanderer to 7 - You are accompanied by a Wandering Gondolier)