Dedicated Brawler

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How often have you inserted yourself, uninvited, into a property dispute at the Blind Helmsman? How often has the Garrulous Drunk summoned you to involve yourself?

This quality has no recorded uses.

Unlocked with


1: You've involved yourself in a business with some crates
2 - 9: You've involved yourself in several fights at the dockside
10 - 49: The Garrulous Drunk has roped you into a number of dockside disputes
50 - 76: The proprietor of the Blind Helmsman has begun to advertise your fights as a form of entertainment for the customers
77 - 776: Entire protection rackets have sprung up, claiming to be able to defend against you. They have, of course, failed
777+: Your crate acquisitions at the Blind Helmsman would supply cities and bankrupt moderate-sized corporations