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From: Refresh your Consumables

You are a Master of the Bazaar. Perhaps the least-known of the Masters, and perhaps you often go unrecognised. But a Master is a Master, and a Master's wishes are often heeded.

Unlocked with The Robe of Mr Cards


Curried favours

The glassware supplier was more than happy to sell to a Master at a steep discount. The [supplies]? Easily obtained from the Bazaar. The weasels? They emerge from gutters and follow you to your laboratory like lost puppies.

Description summary:
The nature of the supplies is determined by Experimental Object.

40bessemer steel
110, 120, 130blades
140 - 160invisible and almost insoluble bonds of debt, obligation and favours
210mirrors of glass and polished metal
220dig site diagrams
230 - 250fragmentary maps and surveying equipment
310, 320, 350cogs and pinions
410, 430raw goldfish
420scarabs and legal briefs
440chilled fish
470 - 495fresh meat
510, 540calipers
520, 530, 610bone saws
810, 820chisels
910 - 990beakers
1010 - 1030, 1040, 1050parchment sheets
1210botanical drawings
1320, 1340cleaning fluid

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