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From: A Conversation on the Road

You have not forgotten your beginnings. And you have grown no fonder of these vast-winged vampire-things.


A delusion

"You are monsters." […]"I am no friend of yours. When the message is delivered, you will be free: you will plague us no more." […] Do you still care for the world? […] In the end, they say, look to love, always. […]

Description summary:
They are all monsters. You tell the Master so. All you want is for the message to be delivered, and for them to be free so that they won't plague the world any more.

The Masters aren't very happy to hear that. Cups thinks you are still marred by your origin. Perhaps it is so. Why are you doing this? Do you still care for your world and the cold death that will come? Do you care for the Bazaar?

You can only look to love. Maybe love is the reason.

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