Depart for your Base-Camp

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From: In the Wake of War

You have done all you set out to and more. The day is won; the fruits of victory yours.

Game Instructions: Ensure you have accepted any gifts offered before departing for your camp.


Homeward returning

You have made your mark upon Parabola. […]

The verdant canopies of the Castle of Forests open a little […] Rays of amber light dapple your Company […]

The way back is long […] But, at the end of the road is your Base-Camp and a rest from war – for a time […]

Description summary:
The first paragraph varies with Hellgorge.png War's Scars

Hellgorge.png War's Scars Description
1 - The War intrudes upon the Dome of Scales. The great Dome of Scales cannot stand aloof from the War. It is a territory always changing hands […] Weeds grow over the tesserae, the copper dome lies sunken in earth. All things change […] But that which was may become that which will be, in time.
2 - The War intrudes upon the Was-Wood. The Waswood's green waters run red and oily. Its tributaries move across Parabola like fissures in a glass pane. Where the devastation of your campaign touches its arteries, the Was-Wood clogs.
3 - The War intrudes upon the Viric Jungle. The dreams of the Viric Jungle are not unaffected by the vagaries of War. Even on the somnolent fringes of sleep, Londoners move through vistas of your campaign, replaying the skirmishes […] Your campaign is a rock in a lake, these its ripples.
4 - The War intrudes upon the Moonlit Chessboard. The Chessboard is, by its nature, a mirror of a mirror. […] Your campaign has left scars, and so now, does the Chessboard have broken pieces and empty squares. It stands forlorn and misused, waiting for restoration.
5 - The War intrudes upon the Reflection of Your Laboratory. Your Laboratory's Reflection has not escaped the campaign unscathed. Even as you fought […] so too did the wilds fight back. […] Parabola has intruded.
6 - The War intrudes upon your Dolorous Pavilion. Your Dolorous Pavilion has not escaped the campaign unscathed. Even as you fought across the wilds of Parabola, so too did the wilds fight back. Your Base-Camp is the heart of your domain, and though fortified, Parabola has intruded.

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Success Instructions: You will need to remove your Parabolan Ravages via the Aftermath of a Parabolan War before you can begin a new campaign.