Divert an Iron and Misery Crate to a Friend

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From: Manage your Amber Ha'pennies

Action Cost: 0

Perhaps you don't have a safe place to store it yourself. Perhaps you don't dare use such a thing.

Game Instructions: This will send the recipient their own Red Science augmentation device. It can only be sent to someone who does not already possess one.

Unlocked with 5 x Amber Ha'pennies

Your friend needs to not have any Highly Illegal Experimental Augmentation Device (Probably)

When Sent

Very late at night

The courier provides transport in what appears to be a refuse wagon. […] It would take a person of strong stomach to take an interest in this shipment.

For the next day or two, you are conscious of feeling watched. […] you catch a man in a naval uniform […]

Your friend will receive:

Meteorssmall.png [Your name] has diverted into your possession a contraband crate. The contents come from Iron and Misery. They aren't intended for the general public.

Once Accepted

You will receive:

[Friend] accepted your gift. How brave of them.

Your friend will receive:

Envelopesmall.png Check your inventory. Your new illegal device can be used during Whitsun. If you have your own University Lab, you may find a use for it there as well.