Don't pay a thing (Network)

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From: Invest in a Stall of your Own

Rent? What's rent? Rent is for other people. The Department owes you this space.

Unlocked with 1 x A Vast Network of Connections Wherever the Bazaar's Influence can be Found


No problem at all...

You are given a space; and not just any space, but the best space, a dais right at the end of the hall, where you'll be in the full view of anyone shopping […] you can work in well-lit privacy, or reveal your creation for the admiration of the public.

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Without previously having Your Own Stall at the Bone Market:

  • Bazaar skylinesmall.png You've unlocked a new header! You can change your profile page header in 'Matters of Identity', in your lodgings. (Increases Headers Unlocked by 1)