Donate your finds to Benthic College

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From: Unpredictable Treasures

The Principal has taken a personal interest in the work of the Department of Cryptospelunking and Transportable Antiquities.

Game Instructions: This will increase Making Waves and Connected: Benthic. The more unusual the treasure, the greater the effect.

Unlocked with Uncovering an Unpredictable Treasure:, Connected: Benthic 1

Locked with Unwelcome at the University -


Knowledge's horizon

"We really can't have too many of these. The process, you know. Well, we have another one now. For however long. I'll have them warm up the Truthbreaker."

Rare Success

Friendly association

"Oho! One of those! We have a joint venture with the Embassy - perhaps you've heard? This is exactly what we need. I'll mention your name, yes indeed I will."