Donate your finds to Summerset College

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From: Unpredictable Treasures

The halls of Summerset are already handsomely relic-bedecked, but one can never bedeck with sufficient relics.

Game Instructions: This will increase Making Waves and Connected: Summerset. The more unusual the treasure, the greater the effect.

Unlocked with Uncovering an Unpredictable Treasure:, Connected: Summerset 1

Locked with Unwelcome at the University -


Earthly treasures

"Over there. Yes, between the anatomical drawings of and the assegai. Beautiful. Beautiful. I'll find a little plaque for your name."

Alternative Success

Heavenly rewards

Capital! I have high tea booked with the Bishop. I wanted to give him a little something. This will do rather well, I think. I'll make sure your name comes up.