Enter Jericho Locks

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From: Jericho Locks

Action Cost: 0

How will the arrival of London's railway be met here?

Locked with Call of the Wanderer


Welcome to Jericho

Beyond the dusty station […] A handful of rows and alleys are divided by great, wide canals […] – the arteries of the Locks.

[…] Barges steered by black-liveried oarsmen pass by slowly. Somewhere, a distant viol plays, before being lost upstream.

Description summary:
The description changes after certain events.

Certain EventsDescription
NoneBeyond the dusty station, a shambles of spindly buildings huddle together in black-gabled clusters.
And the Walls Came Tumbling DownBeyond the dusty station, the buildings are in disarray: some have collapsed outright, others merely lost a wall or roof.

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