Escape to Ladybones Road

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From: Escape from New Newgate Prison!

You're in this city to uncover its deepest mysteries. Ladybones Road is the best place to start: a place to be Watchful.


Ladybones Road!

[…] As the dirigible passes low over Hangman's Arch, you leap, rolling as you land on the broad flat top of the arch. […] The heads of the recently hanged turn to watch you as you pass. One gives you a sardonic wink. Welcome to Fallen London.

[Find the rest of the story at]

  • Ladybonessmall.png You have moved to a new area: Ladybones Road
  • Placeholder4small.png You've just arrived in Fallen London. We'll tell you more about the city soon. (Sets A New Arrival to 7)
  • Dirigiblesmall.png You've completed your Daring Escape – you're free! (Resets Preparing for a Daring Escape to 0)
  • Clocksmall.png Every real-time week, wounds and other ills will decrease, and the public's memory of you will fade. (Activates the Living story Time, the Healer; this message is not displayed.)

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