Exchange currency at outrageous rates

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From: Explore the Copper Quarter

They don't have much use for echoes here, this far from the Bazaar.

Game Instructions: There are much more efficient ways of obtaining Khaganian Coinage, but this is convenient.

Unlocked with 2000 x Pennies, Discovered: the Copper Quarter (hidden)



The bank teller leisurely examines your stack of echoes before sliding an assortment of coins over the counter […] each clan issues their own currency […] though the Khaganians themselves seem to have no trouble keeping up with the disparate denominations.

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Rare Success

A rare find

You hand in a stack of echoes and get back a motley pile of coins from a bored bank teller. But look – this copper token among them definitely isn't Khaganian currency. You pocket it before anyone notices.