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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

This page lists the historical Twitter accounts made by Failbetter Games. While they are no longer active as of 2021, they may be of historical interest.

See also: a page where the old mysteries are answered (Credit to User:Spacemarine9)

The Masters of the Bazaar[edit]

Mr. Apples[edit]

Domain: Fruits, bread, vegetables, barley, horse mushrooms and so forth… Immortality.
Twitter: [1]
Also trades as Mr Hearts

Mr. Cups[edit]

Domain: Crockery, pottery, sculpture. The frangible and the fine. Scraps.
Twitter: [2]
Also trades as Mr Mirrors
  • Gave the rats dominion over scraps and refuse, and thus deterred the foxes from coming to Fallen London.

Mr. Eaten[edit]

Who is Mr. Eaten?
A good question. Not a wise one.
Domain: None currently. Used to be dreams, as Mr. Candles before the Fall of London.
Twitter: [3]

Mr. Fires[edit]

Domain: Coal, gas, candles. Warm yourself.
Twitter: [4]

Mr. Hearts[edit]

Domain: Delicious meats, bloods, puddings, joints, chops, sausages. And so forth.
Twitter: [5]
Also trades as Mr Apples

Mr. Iron[edit]

Domain: Tools, weapons, engines. Adjudicator of The Illegal Game Of Knife And Candle.
Twitter:' [6]
  • Mr Iron surrounds all of his messages with square brackets.

Mr. Mirrors[edit]

Domain: The frangible and the fine!
Twitter: [7]
Also trades as Mr Cups

Mr. Names[edit]

Domain: Mr. Names is an index of all official Fallen London twitter accounts.
Twitter: [8]

Accept no substitutes.

Mr. Pages[edit]

Domain: You want to write it down, eh? You want to talk to me, then. You want to talk to me anyway. I can help.
Twitter: [9]

Mr. Sacks[edit]

Ahahaha. Excuse me. I do beg your pardon. 'Ho ho ho.'
Domain: N/A - Mr. Sacks appears to be a more insidious, Neath-ian version of Santa Claus.
Twitter: [10]

How many people did Mr Sacks put in his bag? (172 or 889)

Mr. Spices[edit]

Domain: Purveyor of spices and sweet smokes. The only reliable source for dreams. Do not accept imitations.
Twitter: [11]

Mr. Stones[edit]

Domain: Jewels. Quarrystone. Salt. Blasting Powder. Enough.
Twitter: [12]

Seemingly a rather terse gentleman, Mr. Stones speaks in only one or two words at a time.

Mr. Veils[edit]

Who is Mr Veils?
Mr Veils deals with clothing and fabric, and takes a close interest in the silk-weavers of Spite. But not in any of the more dubious activities in the district of Spite! The mere suggestion is slander!
Domain: Rag Trade
Twitter: [13]

Players far in Ambition: Bag a Legend! will know him under a different name.

Mr. Wines[edit]

Who is Mr Wines?
Trade in anything drinkable comes under the jurisdiction of Mr Wines. Though it can't be bothered with water. Entertainment, music and the business of the ladies of the evening are also its domain. There's supposed to be some sort of dispute about dreams.
Domain: Purveyor of all that is drinkable. And certain other services. The only true merchant of dreams!
Twitter: [14]