Seeking Mr Eaten's Name (Guide)

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Note that for the purposes of this guide, various qualities are often abbreviated:


Seeking is a long, arduous path. For the intrepid new Seeker's easy reference, this section provides a rough outline of the steps involved. More details can be found in the guide below, especially regarding the complex business of candle-gathering, where some may be prerequisites for others. N.B. Many of these steps may be done in a different order than listed here.

  • Beginning your search for the Name ( 0 to 3 SMEN): Obtaining the Seeking Mr Eaten's Name quality and proceeding through the confirmation gate.

At this stage, the options to raise SMEN on The Seeking Road storylet may still be relatively affordable to play.

N.B. Obtaining each candle will also give a free level of SMEN.

  • A trip to the Winking Isle ( 28 to 77 SMEN): After maxing out the SMEN levels obtainable by the UP, the primary (reasonable) remaining way to increase the quality is through a trip to Winking Isle.

You are generally advised to visit only once, and should endeavour to raise SMEN up to around 73 during your time there.

  • NORTH ( 77 SMEN): It is, somehow, still not too late to turn back.

Beginning the Search[edit]


So, you've decided to buckle down and join the quest for the Name with like-minded lunatics such as ourselves! Good on you! The road ahead leads only to misery and damnation and woe and personal loss and financial ruin and loneliness and death and imprisonment.

You can't say we didn't warn you.

In order to start the process of Seeking, you must first find a proper entry point into the quest. There are several options for this, though in most cases they require a bit of legwork. (It only gets harder from here on out, of course.)

Requires: 81-100 The Airs of the Forgotten Quarter, Nightmares, and A Scholar of the Correspondence

A point or two of Unaccountably Peckish can initially be gained by relaxing in your Voluminous Library, from eating fresh Rubbery Lumps at Zee, and via other methods listed here.
Afterwards, you will begin to draw black-bordered cards (described in more detail below). Playing any option unlocked by being WITHOUT Marsh-Mired in Dreams of Sustenance will give you 1 x SMEN.
N.B. While you can begin your seach for the Name via these cards, they also grant you MMiDoS, which prevent you from gaining another level of SMEN from UP until your next visit from Time, the Healer.

Requires: 7-9 Having Recurring Dreams: Death by Water and exactly SMEN

At a later point in SMEN, Seekers may send social actions to betray their friends. Accepting a betrayal will make a fellow Seeker very happy, and it is unlikely that you will need to wait very long to find someone willing to send one to you.
Requests for betrayals may be posted in this forum thread, or anywhere else that Fallen London players congregate.
This option requires the player's having Watchful 30, though this can be easily attained even by a brand-new character via leveling and Watchful gear like the Blemmigan Tourist.

This takes place only during the Christmas season, on Day 9 of Experiencing Strange Times: Twelve Days of Mr Sacks.

So, you're flirting with disaster, contemplating searching for the Name. Now what? A black-bordered card should show up...soon.

First Steps[edit]


The Northbound should now turn their eye to their opportunity deck to wait for either of these cards: An Alphabet of Scars or A Banner with a Strange Device, where you have a choice to make. Either option sets you to SMEN, although the bolder choice offers more punishing consequences.

Upon reaching 2-3 SMEN, you are given A WARNING, which prompts you to choose between A Bad End (by continuing your search for the Name) or by exiting the SMEN story altogether.

You do not want to exit! Your course is set! You seek the name. 'Why?' and 'What will be lost?' are questions for later (or never).

Now is an excellent time to boost your UP to 1 and wait for the ACE OF HUNGERS card (see below). This will raise your weekly dose of SMEN to 4 and reduce UP back to 0.

Around London[edit]

Rarely, options around London can help in your search. If you're lucky. Most of these are functionally irrelevant, since starting your search properly will put you at SMEN, and in a week (at most) you'll be at SMEN.

  1. Look into the water in the Cave of the Nadir will raise 1 x SMEN up to 4. (Requires 1-4 SMEN.)
  2. Ask for help with a certain... obsession during an Interview with the Interpreter: Death by Water. Increases SMEN by 1, if you're lucky. (Requires 10 Having Recurring Dreams: Death by Water and 2-5 SMEN.)
  3. Mr Pages' Educational Picture Postcards and Assorted Souvenir Stationery in the The Labyrinth of Tigers raises SMEN on a (very) rare success. (Requires 2-5 SMEN.)
  4. Accept the Name! from Mr Sacks on his ninth visit. Requires at least SMEN and raises it by 1 up to 28 SMEN

Unaccountably Peckish[edit]


Seekers hunger for forbidden knowledge, but there are more literal hungers as well. Satisfy those cravings, and perhaps your scholarly cravings will be satisfied in turn.


  • Requires: 1 x Starveling Cat
  • Gain: 1 x UP
  • N.B. Good for trading back and forth with a dedicated alt, because it has no other prerequisites. Costs 2 actions per-character (one to send, one to receive) when doing it as more than a one-off.


Opportunity cards[edit]

The cards listed below are unlocked by increasing levels of Unaccountably Peckish (or UP). They are all Non-discardable and occur with Ubiquitous Frequency, so they will rapidly fill your oppourtunity deck with little further intervention.

Each card has at least one option that gives 1 x SMEN for varying costs. Each of these options are locked with Marsh-Mired in Dreams of Sustenance and can thus be used only once per week.

N.B. Any MMiDoS option will not further increase your SMEN if it is already more than 3 times the particular card's UP unlock requirement. Exercise caution, as you will still gain MMiDoS, wasting your weekly chance, even with no gain to SMEN.

The table below summarises the options available. Where there are mulitple options, the cheapest one is shown (click through to see the full set). All regular options reduce 1 x UP (except for the KNIGHT OF FEASTS, which is likely caused by a bug); while all the MMiDoS options gives MMiDoS and increases SMEN (effects not shown in the table for lack of space).

UP Card Regular Cost MMiDoS Cost
1 ACE OF HUNGERS -10 x Piece of Rostygold
7 SEVEN OF WORDS +7 CP Wounds Free

Detailed Strategy Notes[edit]

For ease of oppourtunity deck management, it is generally recommended to raise your UP only as much as is needed to obtain the lowest-tier card which will still raise your SMEN. However, do take care to balance this tactic with the costs and Menace gains associated with each MMiDoS option taken.

For example, the SEVEN OF WORDS (UP), the KNAVE OF REGRETS (UP), and the KNIGHT OF FEASTS (UP) are worthwhile stretch goals even for players who have less than 22 SMEN, as these cards have no cost, give no Menaces and have high SMEN-gain caps.

The SIX OF PEARLS, while having a high Wounds gain associated with its MMiDoS option, is not terribly objectionable either.

Because UP cards are Non-discardable and occur with Ubiquitous Frequency, they have a tendency to clog your hand. Larger Lodgings which offer 4 or 5 card hands will prove useful at this stage.

Undesirable cards can be avoided by reducing your UP below the threshold needed to unlock the particular card (upon which they will disappear from your hand). This can be done through buying Rubbery Lumps in the Labyrinth of Tigers or sending Lyme to the market in Mahogany Hall.

You can also clear some cards by simply playing the non- MMiDoS options on lower-tier cards, which will discard them while lowering UP by 1.

For example, buying roast chestnuts on the ACE OF HUNGERS or accepting the note on the TWO OF BATS will remove the card and lower UP for little or no cost.

Closer to the Name[edit]

On The Seeking Road[edit]

After gaining A Bad End from An Alphabet of Scars, you will have a number of options available in your Lodgings via the storylet The Seeking Road. More will appear as you progress with your search for the Name. Among other things, these options let you increase SMEN independently of the UP cards, though less reliably and at greater cost.

It is entirely possible to complete Seeking without ever using the SMEN-raising options in The Seeking Road storylet. But take extra care to avoid blackening your mind if possible, you'll need that Watchful later. All options here with Watchful challenges require Sudden Insights: it is far too late for second chances.

Drown your Secrets is cheapest option, and is most likely to prove useful. It costs approximately E 11.5 in Appalling Secrets per level of SMEN you have. However, both its Watchful difficulty and its costs increase very quickly.

The alternatives of Set fires around the city and Char yourself with Enigmas are more expensive, though they have with easier Watchful challenges. Finally, Pervert your studies and Blacken your mind like paper are unlikely to ever be helpful, though since when has that stopped a truly devoted Seeker?

Raising SMEN[edit]

Asking A Question -[edit]

Gaining Scars, Memories, and Stains[edit]

This will become avaliable to you after you gain your first Weeping Scar, which comes to you through A Dream of Dark Waters at SMEN.

If you don't own your soul, you must regain it first. And never, never, never sell a stained soul. (You may only do so by paying FATE at Hallowmas).

Warning: If your soul has been stained and you are currently soulless, DO NOT enter The Forgotten Quarter — lest you be set upon by devils, who will forcibly re-insert your soul. You will also be stripped of all your E , most of your Infernal items ( Your very own Infernal Contract, Soul, Brilliant Soul, Coruscating Soul, Silent Soul, Bright Brass Skull, Favours: Hell) as well as some other rare and valuable treasures ( Eyeless Skull, Ray-Drenched Cinder, Vial of Cantigaster Venom). This will be an unpleasant experience, and will also grant you 15 Wounds and 15 Nightmares.

The Candles & The Isle[edit]


Winking Isle[edit]

You will need Mr Eaten's Calling Card? to reach Winking Isle. The very fortunate might receive one from a former Seeker who no longer has use for theirs, so try asking on the forums. Otherwise, you must reach SMEN 29 and ask God's Editors for help (as either a member or a potential member). Only those who have asked A Question - may enter the island proper.

At Winking Isle, those who abandon worldly cares and possessions and have persistence and luck can fast and meditate to increase their SMEN to high levels without needing vast quantities of Enigmas and Secrets. This is undoubtedly a terrible idea, but you've come so far already, given so much up. Why stop now?

A detailed analysis of Winking Isle can be found here and here. The nearly-optimal strategy is:

  1. Prepare when <77
  2. Watch when 77-99
  3. Circle when 100-395 (this range only comes up if you fail some luck rolls)
  4. Watch when 396-1616
  5. Circle when >=1617, except:
    1. Watch if within 550 of target
    2. Wait if within 50 of target
  6. Cash out at 60000 (best) or 10000

Gaining 7 SMEN at a time takes ~220.27 actions, while stopping at 10k to gain 1 SMEN takes ~49.05.

Winking Isle has no lighthouse. Enter anyways, if you so desire. It will cost you no candle.

Ambitious Seekers can complete an optional round of Preparations, even more punishing than the mandatory cycle, in order to unlock the quality The Sun beneath the Sea?. This quality allows setting your A Question - to "Who is Salt?", which will affect the ultimate ending you reach.

Because the process of preparing for Preparations is so onerous, it is generally recommended that players get all their Fasting and Meditating done in one go. This will save some time, compared to leaving and returning as various candles' unlock requirements are met.

Make sure you get rid of all the stuff you need to for Preparations before departing; there is no way to sell or discard them on the island. Players who wish to preserve some portion of their Echoes despite the requirements of Preparations may invest in Bright Brass Skulls, which can be used to build skeletons or resold to the Bazaar for 95% of their purchase price, or in Winsome Dispossessed Orphans, which can be traded to the Tigers of Port Carnelian for a profit once your Winking Isle stay has finished.


St Arthur's Candle[edit]


After reaching SMEN 7, you will have A Dream of Dark Waters. This grants you your first Weeping Scar. After acquiring the first Scar, you must mark yourself further: at SMEN 14 you can acquire further Weeping Scars, at SMEN 16 you can acquire Memories of Chains, and at SMEN 18 you can acquire Stains on your Soul. At SMEN 21, with your body, mind, and soul each marked seven times, you can finally begin the search for St Arthur's Candle. You must commit seven betrayals and use seven Searing Enigmas to perform seven rituals.

The easiest option for obtaining The Stench of Betrayal is to betray other players through social actions. If willing participants may not be found it is also possible to marry and betray several NPCs, or perhaps your Midnight Matriarch. The seventh Stench of Betrayal (but only the seventh) may be obtained at Mahogany Hall for free.

Once you have seven Footsteps of the False Saints, you can acquire St Arthur's Candle, along with a free level of SMEN.

St Beau's Candle[edit]


You must have St Arthur's Candle and reach SMEN 24 to search for St Beau's Candle at a nightmare version of Mrs Plenty's Carnival. Be sure to bring 3330 Moon-Pearls and 150 Memories of Light first, and note that you will lose all your Carnival Tickets when you start. The only way to gain them, and thus St Beau's Candle, is to buy 10 tickets with your moon-pearls. You'll find the candle in the House of Mirrors, but to obtain it, you must give up something of great value. There are three options:

  • all of your Lodgings (only possible if one of them is a Lengthy Lease to Premises at the Bazaar)
  • all of your Connections/Favours/Renown (if your Renown values are all at least 5)
  • Surrender your health (sets all 4 major menaces to 8)
  • 40 FATE (usually a little less than US$10)

It is not terribly difficult to raise Renown to 5 via Mrs Plenty's (non-nightmare) carnival, and if your account was created specifically to Seek you may not consider the loss of Renown a lasting downside. However, in other circumstances, "Surrender your health" is probably the best course of action, as it only gives Menaces. After playing it, you're going to be in the Menace areas for quite a while, one after another (first A boat trip, then A state of some confusion/ The Mirror-Marches, then New Newgate Prison, then the Tomb-Colonies), so be sure to prepare for this before going to the Carnival. You may want, for example, to ensure high enough Making Waves to tide over your Notability for a week or two, as well as Memories of Light (if you want to go to The Mirror-Marches), a Tincture of Vigour to get a Tomb-Lion, Skyglass Knives for prison, weasels and bats to appease Death, and Rostygold, Jade, Moon-Pearls, Surface Currency, Foxfire Candles, and to use as bribes or postage in prison and exile. Good Watchful-boosting items are useful for playing chess with the Boatman, and menace-reducing items will help you get out faster. (Also, keep in mind that Menace areas tend to impact Quirks, especially the Tomb-colonies with Hedonist and Austere.). Finally, it is easy to avoid all the Menace areas except the Tomb-Colonies by equipping menace reducing items. You can also use social actions just when you are sent to your lodgings without using the forward button to avoid all consequences.

St Cerise's Candle[edit]


Unlocks at SMEN 27, with St Beau's Candle. You must sacrifice something precious to the well to obtain this candle. The options for this are:

If timed well, the Noman may be the easiest and cheapest tribute for this step. Otherwise, an Overgoat costs 11,700 Echoes and is purchasable from the Bazaar; Fluke-Cores may be obtained (very slowly) from the Cave of the Nadir, and Classic Short Stories may be written with the help of at least two Trade Secrets (which accumulate at the rate of one per month from Time, the Healer).

St Destin's Candle[edit]


Unlocks at SMEN 35. Does not require St Cerise's Candle. With 12 Notability and no Profession:, you can gain St Destin's Candle when Slowcake's Amanuensis visits.

Alternatively, if you haven't acquired a Destiny yet, you can visit an abyssal future and give the Lorn-Flukes The Name, although doing so means you will be destined for TORMENT.

Alternatively alternatively, you and another Seeker can obtain St Destin's Candle together during Hallowmas. The sender needs St Cerise's Candle, SMEN 35, at least 77 in each stat, and all seven confessions; the recipient needs only SMEN 3. This will give both players the candle, while halving the sender's stats and lowering the recipient's by quite a few levels.

St Erzulie's Candle[edit]


Found in the Cave of the Nadir with SMEN 42 and St Destin's Candle. To obtain the candle, you must become Obscure, permanently giving up the ability to have Tattoos, Professions, Notability, Ambitions, and a Destiny.

Although you don't actually have to do any of that. You can simply acquire the candle with no penalties whatsoever. If you prefer. Nobody will ever know—except you.

St Fortigan's Candle[edit]


Unlocks at SMEN 49. You must have the previous five candles and your own Ship. Acquire a Book of Crimson Prayer, then you can sail to the The Chapel of Lights. Attend six services to acquire the sixth candle.

St Gawain's Candle[edit]


Unlocks at SMEN 63. This quest comes in two parts -- the first requires St Cerise's Candle, the second requires St Fortigan's Candle. In order to go North, you must first go South. Then you will visit the Chapel once more.

Note: Returning from The Chapel of Lights may leave you with negative several billion opportunity cards. This is a bug, and can be easily fixed by going to Zee, or any other location with a separate card deck such as a Flash Lay or a Party.

Note2: If you got curious and went South before getting St Fortigan's Candle, you will have the Well quality which locks the option to sail South. Don't panic, this isn't a problem as you don't need to go there a second time.


Upon reaching SMEN 77, an option from The Seeking Road can be chosen once you have all seven candles. This will grant you the quality Embarked on an Expedition to the North, locking The Seeking Road permanently. At zee, you can choose the destination of NORTH, bringing you to the Avid Horizon to complete your quest. At the brink you may turn back, the last chance to save yourself, or press on.

NOTE: The Avid Horizon content features a message from Failbetter Games explicitly requesting that nothing beyond that point be publicly shared. That includes this wiki.

Those who turn back will find themselves home with a unique item and no further consequences. Returning automatically triggers Giving up the Search for the Name. Choosing Turn back will remove most, but not all, qualities associated with Seeking; choosing Not yet will not remove anything, but The Seeking Road and NORTH will remain inaccessible.