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This wiki uses categories to organize articles that "belong together" in a sense. The most common categories you may encounter here are categories that tell you what kind of articles you are looking at - e.g. Category:Actions, Category:Items and so on. There are, however, also categories for wiki maintenance tools, such as Category:Templates.

In conjunction with Semantic Mediawiki, we can therefore find articles even if we don't know what they are called.

The most extensive and up-to-date documentation on categories is found on Mediawiki, but there are some convention on the Fallen London Wiki that are probably more important to know about.

Wiki-specific conventions[edit]

Sort keys[edit]

Usually articles are sorted under the first character of the item, action etc. There are three main exceptions for this:

  • The sort key * contains meta information about the category. For example, Category:Renown Items contains the article Renown Items (Guide). It would be annoying to scroll down to R to find it, so it has a special place. Guides and templates usually go here.
  • The sort key ^ contains content that is only available during certain events throughout the year. For example, Category:Extraordinary Implication Gain has the action Clear the path yourself. Because that is only available during CHRISTMAS, it is not listed under letter C, but instead under ^.
  • The sort key ~ contains content that has been permanently retired.

Note that ^ and ~ are usually automatically added by one of the templates in Category:Seasonal event templates or the Template:Retired, respectively. Therefore, if you notice that something is amiss, the first step should always be checking if the template is included. If that doesn't help, try purging the page (there is a button next to the "create" and "watch" buttons). If that doesn't work either, leave a comment on the article or troubleshoot the template yourself.