Renown Items (Guide)

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Renown items are special equipment that become accessible once your renown with the different factions reaches a threshold and you acquire them.

The Renown 10 items have low stats (+4) and are easily surpassed by other equipment and usually doesn't have other uses. These can be acquired from the faction's opportunity card in London. Of particular note is the Barrel with Leather Shoulder-Straps (Bohemians), as it's the only clothing that provides scandal.

The Renown 25 items have better stats (usually +7) and some of them are best-in-slot. In addition, they provide opportunity cards in the Upper River. These can be collected from various locations in London. Of particular note is the Language of Laces, which is best-in-slot for watchful boots.

The Renown 40 items are often best-in-slot (usually +10), and may have some other uses. These can be acquired from places that are hard to access.

Faction Renown 10 (3 favours) Renown 25 (5 favours) Renown 40 (7 favours)
Bohemians Barrel.png Barrel with Leather Shoulder-Straps (Clothing, Dangerous +4, Scandal +1) (card) Papers3.png The DF (Weapon, Persuasive +7, Dreaded +1) (Mahogany Hall) Mirrormonster2.png Oneiric Key (Home Comfort, Shadowy +8) (The Mirror-Marches)
Constables Cigar.png Bully Belvedere (Hat, Dangerous +4) (card) Spypaper.png The Chap on the Corner (Companion, Watchful +7, Bizarre +1) (Flit) Swamphand.png The Place Where they Bury the Bodies (Boots, Shadowy +10, Dreaded +1) (A boat trip)
Criminals Cardsinged.png Ace of Hats (Weapon, Shadowy +4) (card) Deportestration.png Pair of Defenestrating Boots (Boots, Dangerous +7, Respectable +1) (Flit) Puppet.png One Who Pulls the Strings (Companion, Shadowy +10, Dreaded +1) (New Newgate Prison)
Hell Boneshard.png Diabolical Fascinator (Hat, Dangerous +4) (card) Flames.png Hellish Hymn (Hat, Watchful +7, Dreaded +1, Neathproofed +1) (The Shuttered Palace) Ginbottles.png Infernal Vinification Apparatus (Weapon, Watchful +10, Dreaded +1) (The Iron Republic)
Revolutionaries Beartrap.png Implausible Beartrap (Weapon, Dangerous +4) (card) Notebook.png Language of Laces (Boots, Watchful +7, Dreaded +1) (Spite) Black.png Gleaming Buttons (Home Comfort, Dangerous +8) (A state of some confusion)
Rubbery Men Violin.png Amber Cello (Weapon, Persuasive +4) (card) Bell.png Rubbery Bellringer (Companion, Persuasive +7, Dreaded +1) (The University) Stalagmite.png Location of an Underground Organ (Weapon, Persuasive +10, Bizarre +1) (Flute Street FATE)
Society Flamering.png Antique Ring Worth Killing For (Weapon, Persuasive +4) (card) Judge.png Unassuming Judge (Companion, Shadowy +7, Respectable +1) (The Shuttered Palace) Medal.png Most Humbling Expression of Her Majesty's Esteem (Transport, Persuasive +8) (Port Carnelian)
The Church Papers.png Angelic Publications (Weapon, Persuasive +4) (card) Teethglass.png The Very Teeth of St George! (Home Comfort, Dangerous +4) (The Flit) Coral.png Beatific Stone (Home Comfort, Persuasive +8) (Corpsecage Island)
The Docks Stamp.png Ex-Privateer Charter Clerk (Companion, Watchful +4) (card) Crabclaw.png Chelatic Mitten (Gloves, Watchful +7, Bizarre +1) (Wolfstack Docks) Mine.png Unexploded Mine (Weapon, Persuasive +10, Dreaded +1) (The Pillared Sea)
The Great Game Newspaper.png A Subscription to the Gazette and a Whetted Pair of Scissors (Hat, Shadowy +4) (card) Tattoo wheel.png The Seal of St Joshua (Weapon, Watchful +7, Dreaded +1) (Wilmot's End) Tattoo chess.png The Great Game (Affiliation, Watchful +5, Shadowy +2) (The Mirror-Marches)
Tomb-Colonies Griswine.png Cup of Dustwine (Weapon, Dangerous +4) (card) Tombcolonistribbons.png Your Very Own Bandages! (Hat, Persuasive +7, Dreaded +1) (Mahogany Hall) Keepermoth TC.png Newly-Born Frost-Moth (Companion, Persuasive +10, Bizarre +1) (Tomb Colonies)
Urchins Feather.png A Feathered Bonnet (Hat, Persuasive +4) (card) Spiderflorence.png Constant Cufflinks (Gloves, Shadowy +7, Bizarre +1) (Wolfstacks Docks) Stormlogo.png What Might Be A Thunderbolt (Weapon, Shadowy +10, Bizarre +1) (Mind of a Long-Dead God)

'So you have to lose your marbles to gain treasures...' (Tips)[edit]

The items for having gained 40 ranks in Pawn.png Renown: The Great Game and Bohogirl1.png Renown: Bohemians have to be obtained from the purgatory state of Parabola.png The Mirror-Marches, whereas the one for Flames.png Renown: Revolutionaries has to be obtained from Mad.png A state of some confusion (i.e. the Bethlehem Hotel).

For the latter, it is preferable to enter the Mirror-Marches first, before using the storylet A familiar scene? to transition to the hotel.

That said, one of the best ways to quickly reduce Nightmares while in the Mirror-Marches is to enter the state while having already achieved Pocketwatch.png 6 x Mouse: So Little Time in Magnifyingglass.png Playing Cat and Mouse with an Evasive Target: 6, i.e. the search for the Deranged Medium.

This enables the option of Look at the ivory frame under the storylet of The mirror-frames. Both success and failure reduce Nightmares, while a failure does not reduce Mouse: So Little Time. Enough Actions should be reserved such that when the option is no longer available, there are no more Actions. This lets the player use the red auto-fire cards without spending Actions.

With a little bit of luck, there can be some profit to be made from the sojourn to the Mirror-Marches.

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