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General Note[edit]

This Guide is meant to give you an overview of how Factions work but not necessarily the specifics. Most of the paragraphs in this guide contain a link to a more in-depth guide which tells you about specific actions needed what the best options are etc.

What are Factions?[edit]

Your relationships to the many factions of Fallen London are governed by several qualities. For most factions these are Renown, Favours and Closest To -. For a small number of special factions the key quality is Category:Connected. Note that these qualities are distinct from Social Influence, which tracks your relationship to other players of Fallen London.

  • Favours are the primary game-play mechanic. They are gained when you perform actions that are viewed favourably by the faction and are lost when you either displease the faction or cash in on your favours. Favours are very profitable but are capped at 7. See Raising Favours (Guide) and Calling in Favours (Guide) for more details.
  • Many factions are in a natural conflict with each other. If you have 5 favours of each of the opposing faction you can draw non-discardable Conflict Cards.
  • Renown is predominantly a role-playing quality. It is harder to raise and it never decreases. Its principal game function is to unlock Renown Items although it does open up other options as well (e.g. A merry sort of crime). Low levels of renown can be gained at Mrs Plenty's Carnival. Later, Renown is raised primarily through one-off storylines and by cashing in Favours using Faction Items.
  • For the few factions that have not been converted to the new system their Connected quality combines the functionality of Favours and Renown. See Raising Connections.
  • Closest To - is also primarily a role-playing quality. Corresponding Faction Cards need to be drawn to get (or break) Closest To - with a certain faction.

Faction Cards have many other uses, such as increasing main Attributes, providing the default option for gaining Favours and enabling Profession: advancement.

List of Factions[edit]


An more in-depth guide to including the best ways to raise them and what to do with them can be found here.

Connections can be raised in various ways all around London by helping their Faction and are usually consumed when you either do something against the Faction or cash them in for various rewards.



An more in-depth guide to Favours can be found here here

An in-depth guide to what to do with them can be found here

There are three main ways to raise Favours. These are:

  • The Factions card. Each Faction has its own card, these have at least one option which gains you a favour in exchange for a small price in items.
  • The Connected Pet of each Faction. Each Faction (except for Rubbery Men) has their own connected pet, each pet has a card associated with it which has (amongst other things) a option which gives a single Favour of the associated Faction. These pets can be gained in Watchmakers Hill with the storylet A Clandestine Rendezvous.
  • Mrs Plenty's Carnival. As long as your Renown with the faction is lower than 5 you can exchange 2 actions and a Carnival Ticket to increase your Renown with the faction and gain a Favour. This is an incredible good deal and should absolutely be used.

Favours can be used for a great many things. Most major locations have a storylet where you can trade in various Favours for rewards an there are uncountable storylets which use them. Favours can also be used to increase your renown past 5 with Factions.

Closest To -[edit]

At any point you can be Closest To - one Renown/Favour-using Faction. You become Closest to a Faction via an option on their relevant card. Closest To - doesn't do a whole lot and is mainly a roleplaying thing, but it does open up a new option on the Faction Card of that Faction. If you want to become Closest To - to another Faction you must first betray the Faction you are currently Closest To - on their Faction Card and then become Closest To - the faction you want to be Closest To - on their Faction Card.

Renown and Faction Items[edit]

Renown is the other half of the coin from Favours: far harder to earn, but never decreases. The two main ways to raise Renown are:

  • Mrs Plenty's Carnival. As mentioned above, Mrs Plenty's Carnival is by far the easiest way to raise both Favours and Renown until Renown reaches level 5. Use this!
  • The Faction's Item. Each Faction (except the Masters and the Duchess) has a unique item associated with them:
Faction Item Renown Stat Shop Cost
Faction: Bohemians Ornate Typewriter Persuasive Nikolas Pawnbrokers E 60.00
Faction: The Church Tiny Jewelled Reliquary Watchful Nikolas Pawnbrokers E 40.00
Faction: Constables Antique Constable's Badge Dangerous Nikolas Pawnbrokers E 30.00
Faction: The Docks Engraved Pewter Tankard Dangerous Nikolas Pawnbrokers E 50.00
Faction: Hell Bright Brass Skull Persuasive Merrigans Exchange E 62.50
Faction: The Great Game Copper Cipher Ring Persuasive Nikolas Pawnbrokers E 40.00
Faction: Society Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals Dangerous Nikolas Pawnbrokers E 30.00
Faction: Criminals Old Bone Skeleton Key Shadowy Nikolas Pawnbrokers E 62.50
Faction: Revolutionaries Red-Feathered Pin Shadowy Nikolas Pawnbrokers E 40.00
Faction: Rubbery Men Nodule of Pulsating Amber Persuasive Merrigans Exchange E 100.00
The University Endowment of a University Fellowship Nikolas Pawnbrokers E 100.00
Faction: The Widow O'Boyle's Practical Primer in the Various Languages of Nippon, Tartary, Cathay and the Princedoms of the Raj Crawcase Cryptics E 30.00
Faction: Tomb-Colonies Diary of the Dead Dangerous Crawcase Cryptics E 62.50
Faction: Urchins Rookery Password Shadowy Crawcase Cryptics E 62.50

By using these items, the player can spend items to increase Connections or Favours to increase Renown. It is important to note that these items are not consumed when you use them to gain Renown, which is why they are so expensive. Raising Renown will unlock new storylets with certain Factions, as well as...

Renown Items[edit]

Renown items are special equipment that become accessible once your renown with the different factions reaches a threshold and you acquire them. They can be grouped into three groups:

The Renown 10 items have low stats (+4) easily surpassed by other equipment and usually don't have other uses. These can be acquired from the faction's opportunity card in London. Of particular note is the Barrel with Leather Shoulder-Straps (Bohemians), as it's the only clothing that provides scandal.

The Renown 25 items have better stats (usually +7) and some of them are best-in-slot. In addition, they provide opportunity cards or unlock actions in the Upper River. These can be collected from various locations in London. Of particular note is the Language of Laces, which is best-in-slot for watchful boots. However, the Bohemians, Docks, and Tomb-Colonist items at this tier unlock sub-par opportunity cards, so they are better avoided since they cannot be sold once acquired.

The Renown 40 items are often best-in-slot (usually +10), and may have some other uses. These can be acquired from places that are hard to access.

Faction Renown 10 (3 favours) Renown 25 (5 favours) Renown 40 (7 favours)
Bohemians Barrel with Leather Shoulder-Straps (Clothing, Dangerous +4, Scandal +1) (card) The DF (Weapon, Persuasive +7, Dreaded +1) (Mahogany Hall) Oneiric Key (Home Comfort, Shadowy +8) (The Mirror-Marches)
Constables Bully Belvedere (Hat, Dangerous +4) (card) The Chap on the Corner (Companion, Watchful +7, Bizarre +1) (Flit) The Place Where they Bury the Bodies (Boots, Shadowy +10, Dreaded +1) (A boat trip)
Criminals Ace of Hats (Weapon, Shadowy +4) (card) Pair of Defenestrating Boots (Boots, Dangerous +7, Respectable +1) (Flit) One Who Pulls the Strings (Companion, Shadowy +10, Dreaded +1) (New Newgate Prison)
Hell Diabolical Fascinator (Hat, Dangerous +4) (card) Hellish Hymn (Hat, Watchful +7, Dreaded +1, Neathproofed +1) (The Shuttered Palace) Infernal Vinification Apparatus (Weapon, Watchful +10, Dreaded +1) (The Iron Republic)
Revolutionaries Implausible Beartrap (Weapon, Dangerous +4) (card) Language of Laces (Boots, Watchful +7, Dreaded +1) (Spite) Gleaming Buttons (Home Comfort, Dangerous +8) (A state of some confusion)
Rubbery Men Amber Cello (Weapon, Persuasive +4) (card) Rubbery Bellringer (Companion, Persuasive +7, Dreaded +1) (The University) Location of an Underground Organ (Weapon, Persuasive +10, Bizarre +1) (Flute Street FATE)
Society Antique Ring Worth Killing For (Weapon, Persuasive +4) (card) Unassuming Judge (Companion, Shadowy +7, Respectable +1) (The Shuttered Palace) Most Humbling Expression of Her Majesty's Esteem (Transport, Persuasive +8) (Port Carnelian)
The Church Angelic Publications (Weapon, Persuasive +4) (card) The Very Teeth of St George! (Home Comfort, Dangerous +4) (The Flit) Beatific Stone (Home Comfort, Persuasive +8) (Corpsecage Island)
The Docks Ex-Privateer Charter Clerk (Companion, Watchful +4) (card) Chelatic Mitten (Gloves, Watchful +7, Bizarre +1) (Wolfstack Docks) Unexploded Mine (Weapon, Persuasive +10, Dreaded +1) (The Pillared Sea)
The Great Game A Subscription to the Gazette and a Whetted Pair of Scissors (Hat, Shadowy +4) (card) The Seal of St Joshua (Weapon, Watchful +7, Dreaded +1) (Wilmot's End) The Great Game (Affiliation, Watchful +5, Shadowy +2) (The Mirror-Marches)
Tomb-Colonies Cup of Dustwine (Weapon, Dangerous +4) (card) Your Very Own Bandages! (Hat, Persuasive +7, Dreaded +1) (Mahogany Hall) Newly-Born Frost-Moth (Companion, Persuasive +10, Bizarre +1) (Tomb Colonies)
Urchins A Feathered Bonnet (Hat, Persuasive +4) (card) Constant Cufflinks (Gloves, Shadowy +7, Bizarre +1) (Wolfstacks Docks) What Might Be A Thunderbolt (Weapon, Shadowy +10, Bizarre +1) (Mind of a Long-Dead God)

'So you have to lose your marbles to gain treasures...' (Tips)[edit]

The items for having gained 40 ranks in Renown: The Great Game and Renown: Bohemians have to be obtained from the purgatory state of The Mirror-Marches, whereas the one for Renown: Revolutionaries has to be obtained from A state of some confusion (i.e. the Bethlehem Hotel).

For the latter, it is preferable to enter the Mirror-Marches first, before using the storylet A familiar scene? to transition to the hotel.

If you have discovered the Adulterine Castle (requires having built a railway station at The Hurlers), you can leave Adulterine Castle through the Mirror-Marches, which doesn't require Nightmares, and so saves lots of action on returning.

If you cannot do that,, one of the best ways to quickly reduce Nightmares while in the Mirror-Marches is to enter the state while having already achieved 6 x Mouse: So Little Time in Playing Cat and Mouse with an Evasive Target: 6, i.e. the search for the Deranged Medium.

This enables the option of Look at the ivory frame under the storylet of The mirror-frames. Both success and failure reduce Nightmares, while a failure does not reduce Mouse: So Little Time. Enough Actions should be reserved such that when the option is no longer available, there are no more Actions. This lets the player use the red auto-fire cards without spending Actions.

With a little bit of luck, there can be some profit to be made from the sojourn to the Mirror-Marches.