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This page aims to describe the current policy on content that may not be added to the wiki, usually because Failbetter Games have requested it be kept secret.

Forbidden Content[edit]

FATE/Real Money locked[edit]

  • Any storylets, cards or actions which require either directly or in directly FATE/Real Money to be seen or not allowed on the wiki.
  • For actions which can be seen without paying FATE/Real Money but where playing them requires either directly or indirectly FATE/Real Money the result(s) and the effect(s) of the results are not allowed, but the description and unlock/lock conditions are.
  • Any FATE/Real Money locked items/qualities are fine, as these could conceivable be seen on another players scrapbook/mantelpiece
  • The mechanical effects of FATE/Real Money locked content is allowed inside guides, as long as no narrative content is published. However, this forum post does offer guidance on what is good to tell people.

Seeking Mr Eaten's Name endings[edit]


The first Rule of Ambition Enigma...

  • Any narrative/mechanical content, related to Enigma is forbidden.

Discordance Studies[edit]