Fallen London Wiki:Trimming Guidelines

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Snippets of narrative text (e.g. story descriptions and the results of actions) must not exceed 250 characters in length, when quoted. See

Update (December 2021) – Note that this does not apply to access codes and item descriptions – see this blog post for details.

This is largely handled for you by the templates: They will warn when you are over the limit, so you can revise using the Preview button until the character count isn't a problem. Alternatively, you can use a third-party character counter like this one).

Note that game instructions (denoted in-game in bold, and in the wiki in the "Game Instructions" or "Success Instructions" fields) do not count against this limit, and do not need to be trimmed.

Please add […] (ellipsis character) or [...] (three dots) to denote trimmed passages, i.e. when you cut a sentence, put […] in its place. Otherwise the readers might not know that the article was trimmed, and that would be unfair to FL writers. A simple example: A decidedly incautious approach. A more chopped-up example: Making Your Name: Step into the ring and fight without mercy.

If you come across an article that has been edited without being properly trimmed, please trim it!