False Lead

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Category: Goods (Notable Sources)
Certifiable Scrap
Crate of Expedition Supplies
0.01 Nevercold Brass Sliver
0.01 Piece of Rostygold
(0.50) Bessemer Steel Ingot
1 Nightsoil of the Bazaar
2.50 Knob of Scintillack
2.50 Preserved Surface Blooms
(2.50) Perfumed Gunpowder
(12.50) Railway Steel

This looked like a Searing Enigma... but was alas nothing of the kind. The Bazaar was in error! Sell this for the same price you bought it.

This item can no longer be obtained.

This item has no documented sources.
[Add it as a reward to some actions if you know some!]

It can be sold at the Bazaar:

Selling 0.02 (no message)

This item has no documented uses.

Wiki note: This item originally sold for 62.50 echoes, the price at which it was purchased.