Upper River Exchange

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The questionable exchange out beyond the Bazaar's reach.

Shops in the Hinterlands
Shops Name Notes
Sell My Things Sell any of your items that can be sold for Hinterland Scrip
Extramural Trading Company Buy food and supplies
Brass Thistle Buy accoutrements
Anning and Daughters Buy palaeontological things
After-Hours Market Buy some cheap clothes, honey, and, of all things, a mask

The following items are items that can be obtained from elsewhere other than the Upper River shops and can be sold at the Upper River Exchange. If you have them in your inventory, they appear. Otherwise, they do not.

Item Sell price
Eolithsmall.png Ambiguous Eolith 1
Coppersmall.png Antique Constable's Badge 1
Oxygensmall.png Final Breath 1
Mushroom2small.png Hand-picked Peppercaps 1
Chesspiecesmall.png Moves in the Great Game 1
Bazaarsmall.png Nightsoil of the Bazaar 1
Vialsmall.png Nikolas & Sons Instant Ablution Absolution 1
Keystonesmall.png Old Bone Skeleton Key 1
Flagsmall.png Red-Feathered Pin 1
Waxjartcsmall.png Pot of Venison Marrow 1
Feathersmall.png Royal-Blue Feather 1
Cherriessmall.png Solacefruit 1
Mapsmall.png Survey of the Neath's Bones 1
Ring stonesmall.png Trace of Viric 1
Bone12small.png Unidentified Thigh Bone 1
Honeysmall.png Drop of Prisoner's Honey E 0.02
Bone12small.png Femur of a Jurassic Beast 2
Bone13small.png Helical Thighbone 2
Zzoupcansmall.png Tin of Zzoup 2
Corsagegreensmall.png Preserved Surface Blooms 3
Seamonster2small.png Carved Ball of Stygian Ivory 5
Breadsmall.png Crate of Incorruptible Biscuits 5
Scintillacksmall.png Knob of Scintillack 5
Knifegreensmall.png Nicatorean Relic 5
Sausagesmall.png Sausage About Which No One Complains 5
Lyrebird firebirdsmall.png Tailfeather Brilliant as Flame 5
Pawnsmall.png Vienna Opening 5
Workclothessmall.png Set of Workman's Clothes E 0.08
Soberdresssmall.png Sober Dress E 0.08
Railsteelsmall.png Railway Steel 19
Hillmoversmall.png Unlawful Device 25
Surmisesmall.png Vital Intelligence 25
Chesspiecesmall.png Queen Mate 50
Chesspiecebutteredsmall.png Epaulette Mate 50
Honeyjarsmall.png Sap of the Cedar at the Crossroads 125
Pawnredsmall.png Stalemate 125
Mapsmall.png Cartographer's Hoard 625
Masksmall.png Sneak-Thief's Mask E 10.00