Family and Law

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Embroiled in a set-to of justice and kinfolk.

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Unlocked with


  1. You're involved in the feud between the Cheery Man and the Last Constable
  2. The Cheery Man is injured, and has enemies
  3. Fights are fiercest between family
  4. The Last Constable is gone from London, for now!
  5. A message has arrived inviting you to meet an old friend
  6. You've been asked to accompany an old acquaintance somewhere unknown
  7. You are travelling with an old acquaintance
  8. You have arrived at Lowgate Cemetery
  9. You have learnt the fate of the Cheery Man's Wife
  10. Your old friend wants your help in putting an end to their family misery
  11. You have agreed to help put together a lethal game. Find your old friend in London to continue
  12. You are on your way to the Medusa's Head to begin the game!
  13. The game is on
  14. The first round is over, the second begins
  15. The second round is over, the final round begins
  1. You left your old friend to resolve their family dispute alone. Their decisions were made without you
  2. The family tragedy is concluded. There were no survivors
  3. The Last Constable did not survive her final bout with her father. Perhaps the family may now know a little peace
  4. The Cheery Man did not survive his final bout with his daughter. Perhaps the family may now know a little peace


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