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A guide for storylines regarding The Last Constable and the Cheery Man. Throughout the story, you'll take the side of either The Last Constable or the Cheery Man, though you'll have a couple of opportunities to shift allegiances.

Warning: Not favouring the Cheery Man will irreversibly lock you out of Closest To - Criminals.

A Rendezvous[edit]

The storyline can be kicked off from either Ladybones Road or The Medusa's Head.

After each completed rendezvous, you have to wait until a message arrives to invite you to another one. This will show up as an opportunity card.

Working with...
The Last Constable (Ladybones Road) The Cheery Man (Watchmaker's Hill)
0 Ask the Last Constable about the feud Ask the Cheery Man about the feud Sets FaL to 1
Speak to the Cheery Man Find the Last Constable Redirects to the other side
1 Finding the Fence Silencing the Fence Sets FaL to 2
Go to the Cheery Man Win favour with the Constable instead Redirects to the other side
2 Arrest an Intemperate Glim-Smuggler Assisting with a family matter Sets FaL to 3
Off to the Cheery Man Go to the Constable
3 Saving the Last Constable Dealing with the Last Constable, once and for all Sets FaL to 4
Abandon her Saving the Last Constable

Favouring whom?[edit]

There are some mechanical consequences to your choice of whom to favour.

A Message[edit]

The story only continues after you have reached A Name Whispered in Darkness 7.

From here on out, there will be chances to abandon your friend, setting Family and Law to 250 and permanently ending the storyline. There is no way to reverse this choice, not even with Fate, so be sure when you make your choices.

The Last Constable (Ladybones Road) The Cheery Man (The Medusa's Head)
5-6 A Furtive Meeting A Familiar Rendezvous
7 A Carriage, A Conversation, A Light Caper (Last Constable) A Carriage, A Conversation, A Light Caper (Cheery Man)

Preparing for a Lethal Gambit[edit]

The Last Constable and the Cheery Man are finally ready to face each other via a game of poison roulette. Find their respective storylets in Ladybones Road and The Medusa's Head respectively in order to hear their plan and what they need you to do.

Procuring Cantigaster Venom[edit]

The game will inform you that Cantigaster Venom can be obtained On a Heist of The Vault of Impounded Contraband in Concord Square. The Vault is Triple-Bolted. For more information on completing a heist, please refer to On a Heist (Guide).

Summoning the Opponent[edit]

If you are favouring The Last Constable, travel to The Medusa's Head. If you are favouring The Cheery Man, travel to Ladybones Road. There you will find a storylet named Bringing (the Last Constable/the Cheery Man) to the Table. You can choose to straightforwardly invite them, or you can choose to give them a warning. Either way, they will agree to come. You will not get A Turncoat for warning the opponent.

Securing the Medusa's Head[edit]

Travel to The Medusa's Head to find the Securing the Medusa's Head (Storylet).

You're going to need 3 x Sworn Statements to book a room. (You'd think that it would be easy enough for the Cheery Man to arrange this himself, given he owns the place.) Unfortunately, Sworn Statements can be a little difficult to come by. Hopefully, you kept the ones you got from completing the Making Your Name: The Records Office in Concord Square heist; otherwise, you can check out the Legal Grinding (Guide) to see if any of those options are available to you. If you're not an advanced player, it may be easiest to Barter your Attar in Arbor, of the Roses.

After booking the room, it's at this point you're given a chance to Devil with the tankards.

It's Time[edit]

Once the above preparations have been made, Inform the Last Constable or Inform the Cheery Man that everything is ready. They'll ask you why you're doing all of this. Whatever your answer, both the Last Constable and the Cheery Man are determined to start the game.

If you did not rig the tankards and receive A Devilment with the Tankards, you can choose to Raise the stakes by adding poison to an additional tankard.

There are potentially three rounds.

  • If you rigged the game in favour of your ally, then they will win in the first round.
  • If you raised the stakes and added poison to an additional tankard, both players dying in the same round becomes a possibility.
  • If you did not mess with the game in any way, the game will play as planned.

Each round has a real chance for either the Last Constable or the Cheery Man to die. They will keep drinking until one of them dies. Whatever happens, you'll be left to deal with The Aftermath.