A Carriage, A Conversation, A Light Caper (Cheery Man)

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Description summary:
The description varies based on Cagedwoman.png Destination Approaching and Hansom.png A Place of Greater Safety.

Cagedwoman.png Approaching First Paragraph
0 You set off, the Cheery Man providing haphazard directions. ("Left a bit. No, my left. Blinkin hell, 'ere let me. No, the other Tyrant's Garden!") London is swathed in fog today. You see few other souls as the carriage rattles on.
1 The streets are quieter here. The towering verdance of Tyrant's Gardens looms out of the fog. The Cheery Man fiddles with something in under his seat. It appears to be a box of chocolates.
2 - 3 London rattles by. The Cheery Man's mood perceptibly worsens. He glances over his shoulder, muttering to himself. He shoots you the occasional dark glance, before shaking his head.
4 The wrought iron gate of Lowgate Cemetery emerges from the fog. Its sepulchral holdings are shrouded in overgrown greenery. These days, Lowgate doesn't see much use. It's as much a memento for death as it is a place of burial.
Hansom.png Safety Second Paragraph
0 Gaslights flicker in the fog. London passes by, unseen.
1 The sound of wheels is unmistakable. Another carriage is following you through the fog, slowly and inexorably. You are being stalked. Perhaps hunted.
2 A rattle behind you. The cab is gaining.
3 A loud bang. A wheel thrown? Or a gunshot?

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Unlocked with a redirect from Accept 5



Perform evasive maneuvers


Open fire on your pursuers


Full speed ahead!


Ask about his wife


Inquire after his business


What will he do about the Last Constable?