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This page aims to describe the current policy on content that may not be added to the wiki, usually because Failbetter Games have requested it be kept secret.

Forbidden Content

FATE/Real Money locked

  • Any storylets or cards which require either FATE/Real Money (directly or indirectly) to be seen are not allowed on the wiki.
  • Any actions within free-to-play storylets or cards, but which require FATE/Real Money (directly or indirectly) to be played, are allowed, as long as no result narrative text is included.
  • Any FATE/Real Money locked items/qualities are fine, as these could conceivably be seen on another players scrapbook/mantelpiece.
  • The mechanical effects of FATE/Real Money locked content not on the wiki is allowed inside guides, as long as no narrative content is published. However, this forum post does offer guidance on what is good to tell people.