Feed a hybrid to the Hybrid

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From: Light Fingers: A Family Visit

Seems appropriate, no? A fruit that grew in this very camp, for reasons beyond your ken.

Game Instructions: This will have a singular and unusual effect on the Hybrid. It will also increase its Humanity.

Unlocked with 1 x Nodule of Pulsating Amber, 1 x Parabolan Orange-apple, Time to visit Clara

Locked with The Hybrid's Maturity 5, Fed a hybrid to the Hybrid


Dream-fruit for a dream-creature

The Hybrid consumes your amber, then takes the orange-apple fruit[…], handling it with surprising delicacy. It lifts the thing reverently to its mouth.

It devours everything: the pips, the peel, the poison. All with shudders of ecstasy. […]

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Success Instructions: You will not be able to repeat this action.