Fight to recall the Game

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From: A Game of Chess

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You learned something in the Nadir that would help you here. But what could it have been?

Unlocked with Chess: Suitable Responses exactly 2, Irrigo 1, Chess: A Partner them (1)

Locked with Chess: The Progress of your Match 2

Your friend needs Chess: The Progress of your Match up to 1, Chess: A Partner [you] (1)

When Sent

What might have been

Was it that you had been in a prison […]? No, not that. […] Perhaps you had been in a wood and it's the black bark against white snow […]? […] You know there was a board and chessmen […]. There was something you could use here. Think, d__n it! […]

[Find the rest of the story at]

In Messages Tab

Your friend will receive:

Nadirlightsmall.png [Your name] almost remembers the best moves to make. Do they?

Redirects to: A Game of Chess

Challenge Results

Winner will receive:

Your chess match with [Loser] continues. While the specifics of a chess game are often forgotten, you'll fondly remember the look on your opponent's face when they realised how completely you'd compromised their position.

Loser will receive:

Your chess match with [Winner] continues. The details of most games are forgotten; but given how damning your opponents last gambit was for your defences, you may remember it for some time. At the very least, you'll remember their smile.