Fire as soon as he reaches the chalked X

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From: Spring the Ambush on the Big Rat

The sooner he's dead, the better.

Challenge information

Narrow, Running Battle... 8 (50% base)

  • 4 and below - almost impossible (10%)
  • 5 - high-risk (20%)
  • 6 - high-risk (30%)
  • 7 - tough (40%)
  • 8 - very chancy (50%)
  • 9 - chancy (60%)
  • 10 - modest (70%)
  • 11 - very modest (80%)
  • 12 - low-risk (90%)
  • 13 and above - straightforward (100%)


A conflagration

Your allies touch off the kegs of powder. There is a sky-shaking explosion. Broken boards[…] fly every which way. Fragments of Snuffer rain down.

You gather the rostygold the Big Rat had on his person and leave the more fleshy trophies for others.

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He approaches. Stops. Sniffs the air. Lopes away on long graceful limbs. He has the instincts of a hunted animal. They have served him well so far. A note comes to you later. He apologises for his attack of nerves and requests a new meeting.