Fitting in

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From: Mixing with the Toffs

You need a braying laugh, a raucous anecdote and a taste for wine. How hard can it be?

Challenge information

Broad, Persuasive 12

  • 9 - very chancy (45%)
  • 11 - chancy (55%)
  • 13 - modest (65%)
  • 15 - very modest (75%)
  • 17 - low-risk (85%)
  • 19 - straightforward (95%)
  • 20 - straightforward (100%)


What ho, old fellow!

Although none of the merry young fellows can quite place you, you certainly seem to belong among them and have a pleasant evening of mild debauchery and genteel vandalism before waking up with a throbbing headache and a decent vintage in your pocket.


I say! It's some sort of interloper sort!

Your act doesn’t quite cut it among the merry young things. Your evening is abruptly interrupted by a pair of unsympathetic valets throwing you out into the street.