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Actions which give out Bottle of Greyfields 1882.

For a list of uses (cards/storylets it unlocks, and actions requiring it), see Category:Bottle of Greyfields 1882.

Repeatable sources of Bottle of Greyfields 1[edit]

Type Name Requirement Challenge Gain Other effects Notes
Storylet Call in favours at the Shuttered Palace
A boon from a Lady-in-Waiting
1 x Favours: Society - 210 -1 x Favours: Society
Storylet Exploring Aeschaven
Dine with the monks
- Persuasive 140 100 -
Storylet Stoats' Honour
A matter of honour
Featuring in the Tales of the University 5
Term Passing... 12
Shadowy 85 60 Making Waves + 2 CP
Piece of Rostygold + 80
Storylet Unfinished Business in Ladybones Road
A tradition developed after the Fall
Renown: The Great Game 10
A Person of Some Importance 1
Watchful 100 50
Storylet Proscribed Material - Discuss your books at a particularly discreet salon 25 Proscribed Material none 15 10 Inkling of Identity


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