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From: Who is the Clay Highwayman?

A hint here, a clue there...

Unlocked with Investigating... 5

Wiki note: The title of this option changes depending on your level of On the Trail of the Clay Highwayman


(see below)

(See below; outcome depends on On the Trail of the Clay Highwayman after increase)
On the Trail of the Clay HighwaymanTitleDescription
1Whispers of a Bandit King[…] a Clay Man[…] unfinished[…] kidnaps people[…] young folk run away to join him and become highwaymen […] he's been living in the Neath since before London fell[…] he arrived very recently from Polythreme[…] he was born in a barrow or a hollow cave.
2The Bandit's Hideout[…] his companions are said to be human. A large group of bandits will need to eat[…] You make casual inquiries into local food supplies, and come away reasonably certain he must be living in a cave in the hillsides.
3Scots? Why Scots?You check with the local mushroom farmers. No one has ever met the Clay Highwayman himself, only some of his companions who come down with boxes of stolen goods and return to the hills with their provisions. "Scots. Every one of 'em. […]
4A Beast of ClayThe Clay Highwayman is said to ride on a Clay Beast the size of an elephant. […] but its hoof prints are unmistakable.[…] Another annotation mentions metal tusks, "which is why you can see 'em giving off sparks when it's rampaging on bare stone."
5Legends and LiesIt's all a bit too fanciful. […] his Beast is Clay at heart, but covered in iron. That he once fell in love […] and wandered the Zee to find this lover. That everything he says are lines in one long epic poem […]. That he will die when the poem is finished.