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From: Traversing the Wastes of Want

You have moved through here: the signs of your passage are written in the Wastes like blood on stone. You did not come alone: an army followed at your back.

Unlocked with Parabola.png Parabolan Campaign exactly 4 (Yourself), Drum.png Advance! 24


A step ahead of you

[…] Familiar banners flutter in a Parabolan wind. They are your banners: you have spilled blood below them before. Now it seems that you shall have to do so again. You left them behind to prevent your being followed. You shall have to see about that.

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  • Cannonsmall.png You must traverse the Hanging Mountains to reach your objective. (Sets Cannon.png Stage of the War to 2)
  • Drumsmall.png 'Advance!' has been reset: a conclusion, or a new beginning?

Redirects to: Through the Hanging Mountains